About the game:
Title: WildStar
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Carbine Studios
Publisher: NCSoft

Explosive Features:

  • Extensive Raiding Endgame
  • Dynamic Combat
  • Path System

The planet Nexus is open for business! In WildStar, you’ll stake your claim on a wild and untamed planet, uncovering the mysteries of lost technology that doesn’t necessarily want to be rediscovered… In addition to its free-to-play model, you can also subscribe to WildStar, or earn CREDD with in-game currency. CREDD can be bought and sold in the game or exchanged for subscription time.

There are two factions in WildStar, the plucky Exiles and the authoritarian Dominion. WildStar’s combat utilizes strong action elements with “tells,” that instruct you on how and where to go to avoid major hurt. Each of the game’s six classes has its own ways of dishing out and avoiding pain, and the game’s brash attitude will keep you entertained through the advancement process. Also, it has some of the most challenging endgame content in any MMO, sure to test even the most seasoned gamers.

For PvP lovers, WildStar offers the usual arena combat between equally matched teams, along with open-world combat between the two factions. There are also War Plots, which are housing instances that players can equip with weapons and traps and then do battle over to achieve dominance.

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System Requirements

WildStar Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP 3 or better
Processor:Intel Pentium Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz, AMD Phenom™ X3 2.3 GHz, or better
Memory Ram: 4GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 30GB of free Space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce® 8800 GT, ATI® Radeon® HD 3850, or better

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  1. Love this game. Great storyline, fun to play, I particularly love the cartoonish graphics, but what I really like about it is that it’s Free MMO that is actually FREE.

  2. This game is great. If you’re looking for a fun, free MMORPG that fails at nothing then this game is for you. It does has its ups and downs, but it doesn’t fail anywhere at all. The gameplay is fluid (especially if you turn on action camera, which I totally recommend), the combat is fun and simple, the storytelling is great, the game has a nice humor, the soundtrack is awesome, the graphics too and I can safely guarantee that it has the BEST player housing system out there.
    The problems you’ll have to deal with first things first are the lack of people playing it (though sometimes the capitals do get crowded every now and then), and the beginning of the game is a bit slow. If you have patience and persist a bit, you’ll be highly rewarded because it’s very fun, and the story gets fascinating.
    It’s totally worth a shot. Play it. Do it before the inevitable end…

  3. This game sucks I even read articles on official review sites that say this game might be shutting down forever in the future. But who knows if it really will shutdown but I wouldn’t recommand this game I seen previews of it and it sucks.

    • You might want to actually try playing the damn video game before you bash it. Oh wow, you saw a biased video review and then gave an even more biased review yourself. You are an idiot. The game is alive and well. The MMORPG, in general, is dying. WoW only has 1.2 million active subscription fees (Warcraft Realms is accurate not WoW Pop).
      Wildstar is a very beautiful and story-driven game with a smaller community. Barely any trolls and I prefer it this way.
      This game doesn’t suck. YOU SUCK!

    • Who said I play Warcraft realms lmao? If I did play something like that I’d play World of warcraft and I’d buy the latest expansions from blizzard entertainment. I never heard of Warcraft realms or what ever you said. Wildstar does suck it’s a dying game that got a port build on steam the devs are desperate because of the dying playerbase. The game does suck and I hope it shutsdown for good because of how dead it is.

      • Hey idiot.

        Warcraftrealms is a website that lists approximately how many people play World of Warcraft.

        You don’t actually PLAY it.

        Regardless, Wildstar is actually doing fairly well.

  4. Stop reading trash talker comments and try the game it is well worth your time 90% of the people you see on here crying played at launch before the updates and have not been back sense or they just read crap like they are commenting and reproducer more crap so try it make up your own mind 🙂 and to you trolls get back to your mothers basements and that nasty sock you keep under your bed 😛

  5. the game is trash. they poached ppl from all companies not just blizz so shut the fck up. next, the story, quotes and npcs are basically stolen trash from firefall the mmo game. too many fcking inbalances. too much stolen shit from other games. too much in house drama and devs that left or quit from the beginning who trashed talked. too many devs that when they couldnt figured out how to fix something, they removed it entirely. just dont play it. even free to play its rather empty. serves these thieves right.

    • It’s hard to qualify this game but i’m between 8 – 8,25. I’ll point things that catched my atention:

      *The PvE content, it’s challenging and you have to put a lot of effort to master your roll. This game is about that in many ways: enhacing your gaming.

      *It’s a good breakthrough in the combat system i was used to (WoW), since it’s based on movement. with the telegraph system you can completely avoid damage as if you have reflexes.

      *The leveling experience is long if you want to just jump on max lvl, but still it’s way more fluid than other mmo’s i played. Quest are well grouped so you just can clean entire areas (if you know to read)

      *In cap lvl dayli quests matches well with the contract system (a good way to incentivate veterans to do old content), so you can do world content at the same time you get your daylies and contracts done (since many share objetives): farm money is easy.

      *This game has the most fair F2P system i’ve seen since you can achieve signature content as a free player with not too much effort. Other games stucks you on certain lvl if you’re not signature or orst, asks you insane to farm insane amounts currenies to get shitty items that only paid players can easily achieve. If somebody whines about “pay to win” is just a jerk that dind’t get what he wanted from random mount crate.

      *The rune system. It’s expensve to rune your gear, mainly the costs of rune expansions and re rolls, but with the omnibit drop rate increase (omnibits, a currency since f2p), you can cut those costs with the larger service tokens pack. Since runes are the main input on stat, the gear stats are on a second place killing many of the lootwhoring seen on other games. Runes can be obtained form savagin items from the proper lvl, dungeon or raid drops, or in most of the cases, runecrafting bags that can be bought with glory (a PvE farmeable currency).

      *And if you’re just ay too burned with the game you can freak out in your plot and make a castle, literally, ask katia managan : 3

      This game is not every mmo. It’s about chalenges, and that’s why i choosed it. If you’re looking for something diferent and have some friends, you ca have fun here. If you like easy stuff and feel you’re a “gamer” or have merit for kiling 8148123812 boars, this game isn’t for you, don’t try it and don’t bitch about it.

      For the haters: From what i see there are at least 2 kind of playeres: the trully intrested in mmo’s and group progress, and the leach larvas that pretends to care for a group to get their own benefit and then QQ about everything. It’s a curse all over mmo’ latelly.

      For the second group, mark my words, don’t come, you’re not wellcome, keep bitching in other games, i know you all just watch gameplays and take other people’s opinions instead of playing the games. That don’t makes you gamers. Try mario (without cheats) and come back rat kids..

  6. I love this game and think it needs much more attention. The combat system is smooth and makes the game very enjoyable. The game stands out from other with a different looking combat system, fun races, and well balanced classes. Pvp is a lot of fun and the community is very nice. The game has plenty of humor and leveling really isn’t challenging at all. Get some friends together and try dungeons out there are plenty of unique things to discover while playing WildStar.

  7. This game had so much potential to be an amazing mmo but its endless list of issues keep it from barely even being playable.

    -Server lag is atrocious, i thought i was playing on smite servers for a while
    -Bugs are endless
    -Bots running rampant (this has already started killing the pvp in the game)
    -Balance is a joke
    -Fanboys unite!!! (lol they defend every single mistake of this game like any fanboy does with their games, but unfortunately its mainly just the fanboys staying with this game so you have to deal with them frequently)
    -Game is already dying. I tried the game when it went f2p, played a couple weeks, saw ppl while leveling up. Then i started a new character, only saw bots while leveling up
    -Oh thats right and factions are completely imbalanced, its like 90% of population on exiles while the other 10% is on dominion, so pvp servers are pointless since you will hardly if ever get to open world pvp, and if you do its always going to be uneven fights (dominion always being outnumbered)

    The only thing this game has going for it is the player housing, but you might as well be playing Sims if thats the gameplay your looking for

    I dont recommend even trying this game. You will be playing alone, dealing with constant server lag, and if you try to pvp you will only play with bots.

  8. Actually this is the first MMO that catches my attention since Granado Espada (im talking about free ones, GW2 WAS a nice mmo untill some stupid patches…). I will be straight and clear.
    – First of all we have former BLIZZARD members doing this game, so you bet they know how to create a game.
    – Every class is so amazingly different… the assasin feels a real assasin with quicly multi strikes and stealth , while the esper feels like a true Wizard, i mean, in this game there is not such a thing as an autoattack (good thing!) But unique attacks instead. The warrior basic is a slash, the dual pistol baaic are three blows each time you hit the skill,, the assasin gives quickly light stabs and slashes and the esper channels for 1.5 sec to release a HUGE AoE in front of him which used wisely can take over 12 monsters. This drives me to…
    – Strategy. Maybe only six classes but a talent tree where everyone can be Dps and has a second role as tank or healer. Said that, and with all the talents you can make up thousands of Warrior, Medic, or Engennier archeotypes for example.
    – Proffesions in a WAR like game such as exploring, defending or creating buffs in your camp base for your allies, which btw, the proffesion you choose drives you to unique quests.
    – I feel kinda balanced all the classes but i need more hours for saying that…
    – the landscape and the textures feels so great, one of the best ever made, with a cartoonish look-a-like but serious at the same time. Kinda feels like a nedt gen WoW (considering the former members of blizzard seems logic).

    So well… yeah as far as i played i enjoyed every single feat: random quests, random achievments, fluid gameplay, nice story, very high quality graphics, and such a unique battle system that can not be found ij any other MMO. Defiently i will keep striking this game for months…


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