Thanks to a new update in Gaijin’s food-related battle royale game Cusine Royale, players who are dead may just become the undead. Today, the devs revealed that “Hollows” have been added to the game. These once players that are now zombies have one goal, taking out the living. And even closed doors can’t stop them.

Based on the post, it’s hard to determine if these “Hollows” are just hanging out for Halloween, or if they’re a permanent addition to the game. Of course, given the theme, and the day they were released, I’d place my cash (if I had any) on it being an event.

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    • Fortnite’s Battlye Royale Mode was a copy of PUBG after seeing that it was topping Steam’s charts for quite some time. There were legal disputes regarding how much of a rip off Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is in comparsion to an early access game that had been around for a little over a year.

      TL;DR Yes this game is a copy. But it’s a copy of a copy. Don’t get so upset.


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