CCP Games Now Accepting Playtest Applications For Blockchain "Project Awakening" And AI Guides An EVE Player Group

This is the project based on blockchain tech set in the Eve Universe.

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CCP Project Awakening

It’s been about eight months since CCP Games announced a partnership with venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, to create a new AAA game using blockchain technology. The game, currently titled Project Awakening, is now apparently ready for some light testing. In fact, CCP announced today that the company is taking applications for a confidential playtest scheduled to begin on December 6.

To take part in the test, players will need to fill out a form on the game’s site. Those chosen will be part of the Phase II playtest. According to the application, players will need a Discord account, as they have to provide their user name. The application also asks applicants about their play history, whether or not they earn money through gaming, and whether they use blockchain and have a crypto wallet.

In similar news, the Eve Online team announced today that an “AI-guided corporation” known as Neural Nexus has been using GPT-4 to maintain their daily operations in game. The group consults the AI to make major game choices and documents the responses. Those interested in seeing what happens can read about it on the Eve forums.

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