Back in February of this year — you remember the “go-outside” days, right? — we learned that CCP Games was retiring its would-be F2P shooter Project Nova, at least in name. It would have a successor that “would be evolving the scope of Nova beyond our previous plans for early access,” but we’ve heard very little about that potential successor.

Today, a job listing seemed to confirm one very important point that game. The CCP Careers Twitter account linked to a listing at the team’s London office for a contracted balancing designer. That position calls for someone who has a “breadth of competencies including missions, progression, itemization, crafting, NPE/NPJ, and monetization.”

The specifics include the usual requirements, including “economy modelling and the free-to-play business model.” We didn’t have outright confirmation that Project Nova’s follow-up would be F2P, but this seems to put that question to rest. Whether we’ll actually get a chance to play it — this is CCP’s fourth attempt at a free-to-play shooter, following Dust 514, Project Legion, and Project Nova — is another matter entirely.

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