Eve Online-inspired spin-offs have never fared all that well. Dust 514, at least, managed to launch, though it only lasted three years. Its PC companion game, Project Legion, never saw the light of day. In its wake, CCP Games announced Project Nova, meant to be a more tightly contained first-person shooter set in the Eve universe. Based on one senior employee’s comparison of the two games, I said that Project Nova looked like it had “a much higher chance of success.”

Well, maybe I was wrong. When we last heard about the game, in November 2018, its alpha test was being delayed. Now, the name has been retired, but the game … sort of lives on, though in a different form and from CCP’s London studio.

MassivelyOP sat in on the Pearl Abyss investor’s call last week, where it was announced that Project Nova had been shelved indefinitely, though word from the official Discord channel is a little more positive. In that forum, Game Director Snorri Árnason (CCP Rattati) updated fans on the status of the project, or rather its successor:

Remember that Árnason said that Dust 514 “failed to contain scope” but now CCP is “evolving the scope” of the Project Nova successor game. Someday, he’ll find that balance, we hope.


  1. I think they are going to pivot the whole game into a sci-fi Escape from Tarkov clone. It would align more with the full loot nature of Eve itself and I think. I don’t think Tarkov style games will be clone as much as BRs were though because of the more complex design. Its not as easy as easy to design compared to BRs (just throw on an island map and some closing dealy ring to any shooter or moba) but that’s what makes it less repetitive as well.


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