CCP fans waiting for a chance to log into Dust 514 successor Project Nova are going to have to wait a little longer Today, the company announced that after “a number of player research sessions with external partners” that even included community members, they have decided not to launch the invite-only Alpha phase “until further notice.” The announcement follows CCP showing the game off at its annual EVE Vegas event.

CCP notes that while it’s aware aware players have been waiting to try the game out, and offers apologies, the feedback that’s been received has convinced the team that it needs to “return to the drawing board.” According to the post, at this time, Project Nova “does not live up to our original vision.”

Of course, this is bad news for anyone who was looking forward to the game, but it probably should have been expected considering CCP’s history with other games. At least it hasn’t yet met the fate of some of CCP’s other games, which were fully canceled either after (Dust 514) or before (World of Darkness, Project Legion) getting into the public’s hands.

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