Alright Star Trek nerds, you know who you are, and you know what’s coming up. That’s right. The future-versary of the first meeting between humanity and an alien race is right around the corner. First Contact will be made on April 4th, 2063 (provided the whole time travel loop continues to go as it has and the Borg don’t manage to put a stop to it).

In honor of the big day (which has already taken place in Star Trek Online) Cryptic is hosting an almost month-long celebration beginning April 1st. During the event, players will be able to launch their own Phoenix Rocket, squeeze in a bit of time travel, and thwart the Borg — because everyone loves thwarting the Borg. In addition, the event will also offer players who may have missed out on the Synth attack on Mars content another chance to do it.

Take part in any of the daily events and earn rewards. (You know the drill.) This time rewards include things like the Martian Mining Laser ground weapon, and the First Contact Day Bundle containing a Launch Toy Rocket Social Device, Dilithium Ore, and more.

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