InnoGames’ online strategy game Grepolis is turning eleven and the developer is celebrating with the Aegean Battleship event. During this event, which runs until September 30, players will need to protect their cities from enemy ships. This is done in a manner similar to the board game Battleship, in that players will need to “fire” where they believe a ship to be in hopes of destroy it.

In order to fire at ships, players will first need to obtain ammunition. Luckily, this shouldn’t be too hard to keep on hand as ammo can be obtained up to 10 times a day. The other good news is that whether players manage to hit a ship or not, they’ll still receive some type of reward for their efforts.

Of course, players will want to actually hit their targets and sink those ships because the rewards will be even better. In fact, each successful hit will earn players a map piece. Once enough of these have been acquired, they will have access to the treasure map needed to locate the grand prize: Ares’ Rage.

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