As the launch of Storm Legion on RIFT Prime on October 3 draws closer, Trion’s decided to celebrate with a special Twitch Drop. The good news? It’s available to both Live and Prime players.

On October 3rd, RIFT players need only log into the RIFT Prime: Storm Legion launch stream on Twitch at 2:00 pm Pacific to get their very own Raiment (oh Come on Trion, that really should have been “Rain”ment…Storms? Rain? Never mind.)of the Storm Queen wardrobe item. (Well, that and you’ll need to have your Twitch and Glyph accounts linked and watch the stream for at least 15 minutes.) The item comes in versions for both male and female characters and covers all the races. So, you don’t have to worry about being left out.

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  1. nothing but a cash grab….trion has not made content for there live servers in two years…this is a rehash of the same game to grab cash…they could care less about the live server…more then likely..they are milking it to make money then they probably will shut rift down…less then 500 players on at any given time..sad..used to be a great game….they screwed it up for everyone!!!


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