Celebrate Legends Of Runeterra’s 2nd Anniversary And Get Ready For Some Important Champion Adjustments In Patch 3.6.0

And yes, The Bandle Tree & Yordles in Arms has been nerfed

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Runeterra 2 Anniversary

To celebrate Legends of Runeterra’s 2nd anniversary, players can look forward to seven days of login gifts, Arcane Skins for Vi & Jinx, “See This Look?” Arcane Vi Emote, and if players complete every quest during this time they will be rewarded the exclusive City of Progress icon. The event starts from the release of patch 3.6.0 and will end on May 11 at 11:00 a.m. PT.

In addition to the anniversary fun, players will be introduced to a new set of cards in this patch that will hopefully fill in some gaps for a few archetypes like, Elites, Reputation, and Udyr. As mentioned previously in Runeterra’s 2022 Roadmap, this patch is set to be the Champion Adjustments patch. This patch will bring about a range of changes to some underplayed champions to help smooth out their game plans, as well as some supporting cards for Elites, Reputation, and Udyr.

On top of card updates, there will also be updates to the game’s rules as well as more visual UX improvements. To learn more regarding the new cards and their updates coming in patch 3.6.0, along with the very important changes being made to the game’s rules, please read the official post on Legends of Runeterra’s site for all information needed.

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