Celebrate The Upcoming 3rd Anniversary Of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis With A Whole Bunch Of Rappys

All of Planet Halpha is part of Halpha’s Super Origin Festival.

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PSO2 NGS 3rd Anniversary

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has been running for nearly three years, and Sega is preparing to celebrate. While the MMO’s anniversary is in June, Sega is kicking the festivities off early with the launch of Halpha’s Super Origin Festival on April 24.

During the event, Central City will be decked out and players will find changes across the various regions of Planet Halpha. Mischief Symbols will be added to the Exploration Sectors, and players are encouraged to track them down.

To take part in the event, players will want to locate Xiemi and see what she needs them to do, especially since she has the 9-star-Rarity Aeoni Dekelion weapon series available in her Seasonal Points Exchange Shop. These weapons have a +80 Enhancement Level from the get-go.

Other festivities include the return of the Anni Rappy and the introduction of the Anni Emperappy and Anni Great Rappy. That’s a lot of Rappy’s. But they’re probably needed for the Limited-time Urgent Quest: Happy Rappy Rumble: Stia.

In addition to the anniversary events, Sega also announced that the Leciel Exploration Updates will begin on April 10. The update includes a new gameplay element featuring items that enhance player ability buffs. This, as well as other upcoming content, was highlighted in the latest NGS Headline stream, which you can watch below.

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