It’s October, and you know what that means: time for festivals where everyone dresses up! We’re a little ways away from true Halloween-themed fests in video games, but you can now earn all kinds of taco gear to wear in Adventure Quest 3D. Yes, tacos.

You can speak with Tito “the terrific taco enthusiast” in the Social District to learn how to make tacos, which aren’t used for eating but as currency you can use to exchange for various taco-themed outfits, in celebration of National Taco Day on Oct. 4. The spicy loot can be had for prices ranging from two tacos to 20, and they look amazing. Like, I want those in real life. Seriously, if you have taco-themed clothing, send it to me and I’ll wear it on the F2P Cast.

To make tacos, you’ll need seasoning (of course) and that drops from the Taculous monster, which springs from the Taculous rift. You can also snag a pair of tacos from daily quests. Finally, expect occasional visits from the mysterious Masked Luchador, who drops live event coin chests during mini-live events. Check out the Taco Day article on the AQ3D website to catch up on all the events. Just don’t use ketchup on your tacos. That’s nasty.



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