Century: Age Of Ashes Season 2 Introduces New Thornweaver Class, A Map Revamp, New Rewards, And More

Soar through the skies in dragon combat.

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On Tuesday March 21st, Century: Age of Ashes will be launching Season 2, titled "The Fate of Dragons". With this update comes a new class, new battle pass, a new ranked season for PvP, and a revamped map.

The new Thornweaver class brings extraordinary agility, area-control gameplay, and nature-infused powers. This class is the archetype of the Elf and is perceived as a proud and boisterous warrior.

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The new Dragon Pass brings 70+ rewards that can be obtained for new and all pre-existing classes in Century: Age of Ashes. A new leveling system is being introduced which will also allow dragoneers to complete missions to earn Levels and Stars. Levels will unlock reward tiers in the Dragon Pass, and Stars can be spent to buy rewards.

Finally, the Hunavatn Lake Map is being revamped with a signature fantasy design. Boasting more open areas for high speed chases, tunnels for close quarter combat, air flow boosts, and hiding areas. The new map will serve as the penultimate area for the climax of Season 2.

Century: Age of Ashes is free-to-play and available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStatrion 4 & 5, and PC via Steam, Microsoft, and Epic.

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