Stan Lee passed away this week at the age of 95, having left his mark on comic books, television, movies, and all sorts of other pop culture phenomenons. Superhero MMORPGs also owe him an obvious debt, and one of them is commemorating his life by offering a free item to its players.

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are giving away a free pair of Stan Lee’s “iconic” glasses to Champions Online players, available from the tailor as “Glasses Aviator Legacy.” The post announcing the giveaway also had these inspiring words to see about the legendary creator:

The world lost one of the greatest heroes in comic book history this week. Stan Lee created so many worlds that inspired, and continue to inspire the work we do here on Champions, and we join superheroes everywhere in mourning his passing. Stan was a bright, powerful force in the world, working to bring comics to the mainstream acceptance they now enjoy for decades. The stories and characters he created, and the man himself, will never be forgotten.

In other free-to-play gaming news related to Stan Lee, did you know that he once played a round of Magic: The Gathering Arena, and that he said “Bam! Pow! Wham!” when he played cards? Apparently so, and that just makes him all the cooler.


  1. glasses? really? glasses? thats it? are you serious? they look like regular glasses, what makes them STAN LEE glasses? lol…. you should make an actual character. big huge fail


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