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About the game:
Title: Champions Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Cryptic Studios
Publisher: Cryptic Studios

Champions Online: Free for All is a 3D superhero-themed Fantasy MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game) from Cryptic Studios (creator of City of Heroes Freedom), with fast paced gameplay and awesome cel-shading graphics, set in Millennium City. The game used to be pay to play but officially went free to play. Champions Online provides quite good options, with features that include a deep character customization, spectacular animations, and well-crafted story arcs.

Choose from thousands of different costume pieces, colors and body types to create your character’s one-of-a-kind costume and look. There are billions of possible combinations, finally you can be completely unique!

The battle against evil in Champions Online rages across the world into outer space and alternate dimensions. You will battle supervillains, aliens, giant monsters and secret, sinister organizations. The story of Champions Online is constantly changing and continually evolving, Villains are defeated and Heroes rise and fall.

There are no classes in Champions Online; Its flexible character creation system gives you total control over your hero’s abilities, you are free to choose any power from any powerset to realize whatever vision you have in mind for your characters. These powers are organized into theme frameworks: Munitions, Might, Martial Arts, Celestial, Darkness, Energy Projection, Archery, Power Armor, Gadgeteering, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Supernatural and Sorcery.

Explosive Features:

  • In-depth character customization
  • Multitude of astonishing powers to choose from
  • Action-packed and challenging content

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System Requirements

Champions Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: 2.5GHz Single Core or 1.8GHz Dual Core
Memory Ram: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 5GB of free Space
Video Card: ATI Radeon X700

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  1. Wow This game world was bigger than i thought Quite alot of content after going to the jet i tok of to all the new maps thay are masive!. quite alot to do in this game now and the new Elit skill finishing moves u get at lv 40 is OP so fun play with the blade skill clone my hero and stabs the enimes so cool

  2. Super Hero MMORPG!

    Amazing character creation system.

    Create your own nemesis to fight in your story arc.

    Archetypes/classes 40+

    6 different main maps in Champions Online.

    1. Millennium City
    2. Canadian Wilderness
    3. Desert
    4. Monster Island
    5. Lemuria – underwater map
    6. Vibora Bay
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  3. Great game realy active and fun alot to do 6 big content maps/citys, and at lv 40 join the chat chanel TheEndGame to get team and info where to go to do all the bounty raids events and so on amt as off 2018 the game has arund 1000players online EU time and US 3546 aday online and the month online is 27231-34674. so there stuff to do if you just know what to do free costume pices if you grind acivments to unlock them. also build ur own mounts/rides with atacks and fire power.

  4. Now THIS is a SUPAH super-hero mmo.

    I gotta say, tho, it can get repetitive.

    However, what saves this little title is the Alert system. I love how they rotate and there is always one available, whether you enter them for XP, gold or Enhancements.

    The character customization is through the roof. I mean, you can literally create anything you want. It’s pretty sweet.

    The controls are nice, too. If you’re a console gamer, they have you covered. You can play the game with your 360 controller!

    I like the Adventure Packs. They send you to different locales on large-scale missions, often resulting in a full assault on an enemy base- bosses included. All the while your pummeling evil, you’re making money and getting pretty good gear.

    I went ahead and sprung for the best Character Token ($100), as I am an on-again, off-again player. But my hero, Foxy Fine, can take a whopping and deal it out- she’s a martial artist with a shotgun and a mean mug!

    If you DO get a gold account, or pay for the good token, you can then choose from ANY skill/power pool you want. It’s really worth it, if you see yourself invested in your hero.

    You can even furnish your own hideout, can create your own nemesis, and make your own backstory. It’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

    I would recommend possibly trying to Roleplay with this title. I don’t usually do it (anybody seen the “Lighting Bolt” ropleplay video on Youtube?) myself, but with this title, I won’t lie- I relish in it. It just gives you a little more depth into the world.

    It ages fast if you don’;t have the right mindset and at least one other friend with you. From what I’ve seen, the community is pretty cool, so you’ll meet some cool heroes along the way. I highly suggest this.

    Look me up! Foxy Fine @reinventyourself.

  5. i would say enjoy this superhero game if you dont mind the comic book look to it but on the other hand it gives you more free freedom in the custom ring than dc universe

  6. ya and still stooped like most the f2p game out there it is just another f2p in a crowd of f2p game that suck and f2p is the only reason it is still standing

  7. I had high hopes for this MMO, but was sorely disappointed. How does this game get 4.10 / 5?

    – Theres such a thing as too much customization: player avatars tended to deviate from the traditional superhero esthetic in favor of bizarre combinations more akin to monster than superhero. I also hated that cartoony style where the characters have eyes too large for their face.

    – The Zones lacked imagination: I was excited to visit the radioactive desert, the island of animal human hybrids & fight underwater. However after experiencing these, the zones seemed uninspired, populated by a villain group here and some more over there. The ‘City’ being an essential component of any superhero genre, players are forced to experience too much of the action outside of an urban setting.
    (A cowboy robot theme park… who came up with that nonsense?) Ghost Pirates milling about at the bottom of the ocean (who cares!)
    The Canadian Wilderness had to be the worst. You could see the dev’s reaching for a kind of quasi mystic haunted feel, but the result is a messy hodgepodge against a background of white (cause you’re in the snow). I was so bored with this zone I couldn’t wait to leave. I would groan when I got handed another mission.

    – Power Customization: Initially this seemed like a great in game feature. Like everything else about the game its implementation failed to live up to expectation. A chainsaw as a superpower (really?) Burrowing as a travel power (Im sorry what?) & melee tends to get screwed in PVP. I did like the semi destructible environments, & the fact you could pick up things like a parked car & throw it. This feature isn’t enough however, I needed more.

    -Missions: The two words to describe these are tedious & repetitive. Kill ‘x’ number of these baddies. Collect ‘x’ number of this item. Click ‘x’ number of this glowie…. (& the list goes on). To be fair there are some decent missions like being shrunk down to the size of an action figure or fending off waves of attackers on the Monster Island. But for the most part these are few and far between.

    -Character Nemesis: yet another great concept that falls flat in its in game execution. The game’s dialogue didn’t really fit my character’s nemesis (I was so appalled). This ultimate villain that the player shapes as a foil for their character spoke more like a 50’s movie gangster (& I hated that). The dialogue did not fit my Nemesis’ envisioned personality. This more than anything else removed me from the experience. I no longer felt that cathartic bond with my character.

    Champions Online: I’m not sure it’s about being superhero as it is about wandering about aimlessly & pointlessly breaking things.

    • You covered many aspects of Champions Online and SOME areas which you disliked seems like strengths rather than weakness.

      This is my feedback as a coming-to-2-years player with a lifetime subscription.

      I believe that the character creator customization is probably the biggest draw of the game. Compared to many MMOs where your character looks almost identical to the next player’s with minor variations here and there, Champions Online literally allows you to come up with thousands of costume variation. Other than wannabe-superheroes-clones, you will not find another toon with the same look. As a player,we have the option to design a toon which looks like nastiest-imaginable alien/demon/beast or a suave/sexy/seductive angel-sent-from above. That option is entirely up to the players. New costume packs are released once a while to add even more varieties. The fact that the nemesis system also uses this character creator system means that your nemesis also looks as varied. For less adventurous players, we can always use the random generator or stick to the default (rather tasteless) yellow and blue costume. As for the eyes, you can actually vary the size of the eyes and even adjust the position slightly up or down. I never had problems with manga-style saucer size eyes.

      There are a total of 5 base zones available, Millenium City, Canada Wilderness, Monster Island, Lemuria and Vibora Bay. As most MMOs, the maps are populated by pockets of villains of different levels where players will eventually move into at different points in their game. The story mission arcs actually moves players through the level quite smoothly without much grinding. The mission rewards and number of missions available is generally sufficient to prepare a toon for the next level of challenge. Agreeably, the mission objectives will get a little repetitive after a while (but seriously there are only so many things you can do besides killing mobs and interacting with objects, running delievery errands, tracking monsters). Of course, if there are more creative mission objectives it will always be for the better. Along the way, civilians will approach you with random missions for additional chances of XP. You can also use the computer system (SOCRATES) to search for missed missions or mission contacts. When I first played the game, I went through most of the mission and it was sufficiently entertaining to get me to purchase a lifetime subscription. I even played through those missions with a 2nd and 3rd toon. There are also 2 “comic strips” and 3 “adventure packs” which are now available to all (formerly only for subscribing players) Subsequently the company released the On-Alert patch which introduced the alert system allowing players to forgo all the missions and just use these alert queues for leveling. It is a faster way of levelling (cap in 2 to 3 days) for players who has already seen it all and done it all. Should we have more comic strips, adventure packs and zone? Should we see the zone developed further. As a player I will certainly scream yes. However I also accept the fact that no matter how many zones are added, each one will last maybe 2 weeks before the veterans are done tearing it apart and knowing it inside out and cry for more new content. Short of devising a random map, mission, mob generator for zones and lairs with sufficient templates for possible combinations, this will be a problem for any game. That or the foundry which is what players are asking for on the forum.

      So why do players still continue to play the game after already clearing all missions and stories? It has alot to do with customization features of the game. The ability to create superheroes after superheroes of their dreams/imagination with such varied power combinations encourages players to keep playing the game. I have come to personally know players with 2 full pages of capped toons (that is like over 30 toons). Others focus on building a single toon to its maximum possible potential. If a player does not like a particular power, they have the choice to not pick it. Personally I am not a big fan of chainsaw and had only used it once before (something like a green will construct, trying not to be too specific) but burrowing is quite nice if you want to make a ninja toon or Bugs Bunny LOL.

      The nemesis system (which is not compulsory for game play) is indeed something which can be further expanded to flesh out the nemesis. The potential is there certainly for much more involved game play surrounding the nemesis as opposed to the current thread of missions. I would just recognise that the nemesis system is something that we will not even find in majority of other MMOs not to mention a nemesis creator which is as diverse and powerful as the character creator. There is unfortunately limited lines and dialogues available which is based on (if my memory serves me right) 3 villain personality types.

      I also want to add that CO has a hideout system with some limited levels of customization. Players can choose to purchase a moonbase, penthouse, basement, cave etc as their hideouts. They can also have more than 1 hideout. Having said that, it is by no means the Baxter Building/Avengers Mansion/School for Gifted Youngster/Hall of Justice. I do wonder though, whether crime fighting is done outside of the superhero base or in the Danger Room.

      Finally, the company has added vehicles into the game. Not something for all players again since I really do not see the need for Supe to move about in a jet or bike but the option is there. New range of vehicles are added once a while and although the powers and performance of the vehicles are customizable to a small extent, the exterior is bound to the particular vehicle you pick.

      All in all, this game should be able to provide new players with sufficient entertainment value especially for those more creative and roleplaying-inclined. For those who are into PvP the hugely diversed freeform power systems adds another layer of complexity to the gameplay. Beyond keys smashing, the ability to create a synergy of powers, devices and attack combinations pushes a PvPer to really put their mind into their builds. The drawback at the moment though in the game is there is no real incentives for PvP and the PvPing has degraded to 1v1 skirmishes in the open map.

      Another common complaint amongst the veterans or long-time players is the lack of end game content. So while the game is sufficiently entertaining and easy for new players, there is little motivation to push beyond other than to reroll another superhero.

          • To be honest, City of Heroes was taken down against the wishes of its entire playerbase. It was shut down because the owners (NCSoft, based in Korea) felt it didn’t jive with the Korean market, and only for this reason. To that end they sat on the IP rights and refused to sell them.

  8. This game is currently so bugged that anybody who values their entertainment will keep away from it. Stuff getting stuck in walls, you getting thrown into walls, abilities glitching out, random disconnects, falling through the map and much much more. Real pity tho because it’s pretty fun…when you can actually enjoy some gameplay without massive issues.

    • Should probably also mention that the alerts are the worst automatic matchmaking I have ever seen. One thing is the matter that boss difficulties range from boring zergs to impossible to complete in the set time given ones. The worst thing however is that there is no matchmaking algorithm. The system doesnt try to match a tank, healer and 3 dps’es together like you have in say World of Warcraft. One cannot describe the frustration you get when you have to do an alert with 5 dps characters who are all archtype based and have no healing abilities.

  9. Its an excelent mmorpg, has been said it has great animations, very fluid and fun gameplay. The only thing that might annoy some people is the premium players that can create characters with the skills they want, making them very powerfull over the the predefined chars available to free players. At least they made some archtype arenas so that f2p dont mix with p2p in pvps, but other than that, you will see some of these ppl running around like they are a one man army.

    • dude XD u went full blast didnt u… this games tutorail is kinda long but at around lvl 6 u usually finish… maybe u dont do quests?
      do all the quests and dont worry ull be out of thier soon… as for the pvp stuff, well u just press V when ur out of the tutorail zone and the pvp thingy will appear. alll u gotta do is put the one u wanna be in and thats all… tell me if i helped u! 😀
      trust me… im lvl 50… hehe

  10. The customization is incredible!

    Animations are perfect, movement isn’t flimsy, the story line is top-notch, and man I love it!

  11. You can spend literally hours making up one character. It’s insane the level of character customization there is in this!

    As for game play, it’s sometimes incredibly tense. The first scenario, which is just a large tutorial area really, does not give you a real sense of danger as the rest of the actual game will.

    Quests range from, “Could you get me this item” – “Talk to this person” – “Find this enemies lair” – “Kill these enemies” to (of course) “Kill this named bad person/people!” Which is just about every MMO out there anyways lol.

    Super powers will range quite a bit as well, depending on your class of course. Also, being able to choose right from the start how you’d like to get around (Super Speed, Super Athletics -crazy jumps basically) or the ability to fly (-personal fav)) gives this game a very large thumbs up in my book.

    The community is definitely there as well, people are always on and always wanting to do things together. Like with any other MMO, there are the elitists and such but most people were very nice and helpful when it came to answering some very noobish questions I had. (I’d suggest actually reading up on it though, as with ANY MMO you plan on seriously trying.) Sometimes though I understand there are just “Wtf is this/am I supposed to do?” moments.

    All in all, the graphics are awesome and very easy to customize, character development is wonderfully diverse and this game is very easy to pick up on what you are supposed to be doing and where. Quests are straight forward and easy to understand/accomplish (by this I mean you can get the goal achieved easily because quest text is wonderfully straight forward). The UI is easy to change as well, size, placement, etc. but personally I think it looks great by default.

    Awesome game, good community, very active – Try it out, highly recommend it!


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