The Lord of the Rings Online pushed out its 30.1.2 patch today, and usually when a patch includes three numbers, it’s a tiny thing that makes something like four minor changes and isn’t worth talking about. This one, however, came with a new event that sends players on a treasure hunt — and who doesn’t like treasure?

Specifically, it’s the Treasure Bugan Event, which will send players to speak with Theodore Gorse, who’s lamenting that all his treasures have gone missing. The culprit is a nasty little bugan — think “primitive hobbit” — that you have a chance of finding in any scaled instances. If you do come across one, he’ll run away from you, evading attacks and making it difficult to catch him and reclaim Gorse’s treasure.

Doing so will net you cosmetic rewards from Gorse, as well as the satisfaction that you helped a rich person, which is what we’re all looking for these days. Nabbing four treasure bugans will net you Virtue XP, a Virtue Acceleration Tome, and crafting supplies.

Today’s update also makes it so all Epic Battles item set bonuses don’t apply on characters over level 106, a rollout that was started in update 30.1.1, as well as those aforementioned minor changes to The Fall of Khazad-dûm instance. Learn more on the LotRO website.

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