Cheater: En Masse giving out free level 58 characters to TERA players

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor September 20, 2013

TERA Online is one of the most impressive looking open world action MMOs, but for many TERA's questing system, with its monotonous grind posses too much of a barrier for entry. So how do you go about fixing the problem? En Masse, publishers of TERA in the NA, appears to have a solution. This weekend the publisher is running a promotion for a free, permanent level 58 character. You heard right, a free almost max level character that even comes with gear!

Both new and old players are eligible for the event. In order to get your level 58 character, you simply need to create a new character of any race and class, and assign it a name ending in ".Levelup". Then on Monday, September 23rd, the TERA team will run a script leveling up eligible characters and rewarding them with a beginner mount and Tier 11 soulbound gear for all classes (with the extra gear available as fodder).

Players will also get a name change voucher that can be used to remove the ".Levelup" portion added to their name during the character creation process. To prevent players from making multiple accounts, En Masse has stated that only the first character created will become level 58.

Obviously, En Masse hopes the event brings in more players to engage in TERA's endgame content, which has received several content patches since going F2P. It will be interesting to see how many players take advantage of this test and whether it leads to more events like it. The move will effectively kill a large portion of the early game making many zones overnight ghost-towns, but generally speaking this is the case with most MMO's a couple years after launch.

For the full details on the Level Up Event you can check out the official post here.

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Michael Dunaway
Michael Dunaway, News Editor
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Discussion (74)

DarkKrixx 8 years ago
Good move from EnMasse , questing in Tera is SO much boring. People who want to get into PvP right on will not have to grind and invest 876545678987654 hours before being able to .

And if you disagree with the giveaway , just don't create a .levelup character goddammit ! xD
Have one character for your "journey" and one for the PvP that's it :P

BlackCoffee 8 years ago
I think that will decrease player number they really made that fail??LOL
Just think about it how many deffrent chars???that = to create new accounts so all ur chars will be 58 lvl ;/ with no work at all that so lame ....Seriously!!!

Racsodew 9 years ago
First I thought to my self "YES!", then I noticed the NA. Damnit. :7

Jesterhead85 9 years ago
still level 1 here... maybe they meant at midnight?

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Freezydude 9 years ago
The script still not done or something or did it not work for me?

Wilber 9 years ago
This is good in my case being a parent I dont have time to reGrind to 60, I had helped my Girl friend level up a character while she was prego on my account. Before Tera went F2Play I bought another account for myself to relevel. So now with a 14 month old, hell yeah ill take a 58 Character.

RenTheRose 9 years ago
thank you mmobomb for giving me this new I would not have made it in time if you guys didn't tell me this was not advertised in any way how you guys found it amazed me but thank you now I can get that lvl 60 healer I always wanted. thank you again. you guys need to realize what a great services mmobomb jest did this test pool for the event going to be very small now we can get in on it so show them some gratitude and say thank you when you get a gift no matter how small it is.

Madalin 9 years ago
They move slow with their script >:P

sniperman248 9 years ago
You do realize that however those who do this will have .Levelup in their name and everyone will know what method they used, those who are legit players will not use such a low life method as this.

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Геймер [RUSSIAN] 9 years ago
Sadly the what Russian closed the access.

noobshi 9 years ago
This is so awesome :O My level 23 warrior always get gank by level 60 in pvp sever in the low zone. With this I can tell them to "fk off" so I can enjoy my game.

Mad Baddies 9 years ago
HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! So many mad kids in this one... This game is trash, always was always will be. Even with a lvl 58 noone wants to play this pos Korean abortion. "Its not Korean!" calm down fanboys. It is like WoW private servers auto lvl capped, hahaha shut this pos down allready pls.

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MidgetPanda 9 years ago
I can't create an account
it always says 1 wrong error but my password was valid
and so was my email

efrain 9 years ago
i played this shortly before it went f2p and randomly still mostly in the global chat so i consider it a 30gb chat client. But the game is bloated and not optimized with many issues a lot of my friends quit because of the low fps and lag. But its free and exchange for being f2p they make all their money off of items in the store like outfits and mounts but still refuse there are any problems with the game but you can read the forums and see how everyone complains this was going on before it went f2p and no fixes yet they just keep throwing new stuff to buy out. The US server is heavily populated with every single country you can imagine playing. Its not a horrible game try it if you havent. I find it fishy why they are giving lvl 58 chars away i guess people are leaving for better stable p2p and f2p games launching.

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Tony 9 years ago
Same problem, cant name character with .Levelup

claudio 9 years ago
meh, "this isn't an acceptable character name" tried several different names, "name.Levelup", i'm on eu, anyone else having this issue?

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Karnaij 9 years ago
Is no one understanding the concept of ALT's I mean either its the people who already have a 60 and dont want to grind to try another class or the new players who pick a class and proble wont like it anyways lol honestly I think its a good idea when you think about it, some people just want to get to end game to pvp none stop and raid all day, so why not give them the chance to do that. there are still normal people playing the quest line and they will again soon anyways

Bic Boi 9 years ago
Sounds rather stupid; no game has enough "end-game" content to last. People end up bored even when they're at the top. All this is doing is sticking people up at the top immediately so they get bored even faster.

Instead of simply jumping the shark, they're instead jumping up and down the shark while screaming "Look at me, I'm Mr. Jumpy-Sharko". Way to cut off their nose to spite their face.

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Prof3$$0rMMO 9 years ago
MMO publishers wouldn't have any problem: if they're quest weren't dull grinds, challenging early on, and end game material not taking so long to be able to use.

Example; on which is seen on Console games and not in MMOs.(God of War, Devil May Cry etc... and sadly even the series Mega Man X side scroller lol)



If the game had an actual story line, instead of you doing many quest for people and not having no relation ship or further ship on that quest; that leads you to another quest, that builds a relation ship with that person quest giver and story line. And allows low level players to open PVP(player vs player) each other and high leveled ones can't with lower levels, BAMs for low levels, that can takes real strategy to defeat. And party members or other players to distract(instead of the old , let the players hit the monster then a sloppy movement or charging attacks awaits and you have to run out.) them.

Combat and Challenging Features:

If it were that when you hit them from the back they will immediately try and hit you which you ; which you can dodge from and use a special on them. Also if it were that if you hit them once, they will immediately attack and you have to block it and do a fast step back, then dodge side way, and do another special from your hot keys, and then block. because the (this is what i wish mmo games would do.) because you wouldn't be able to except what the Bams and EvE mobs would do. (like doing a spin with their sword causing a air blade attack, that can make a air slice go far.){that can make you die at a lower level}

Conclusion and Stable, Dedicated players Mentality w/ all features i mention included. :

then the game would be challenging, worth playing, because you know that you are going learn how to get better the more you play, the quest that you are doing aren't worth nothing. because of the fact that its not the same quest bull S***t(didn't say the word, so i hope what i wrote is not blocked)." kill 20 wolves and come back" and then you just receive a reward; and run far for the same bull shit.

cacalips 9 years ago
Another fail mmobomb article. This game plays hugely differemt 58+. I see retards sayimg "its about the journey mot the destination". No tard, the mew journey begins there at 58. Webzen did this on several titles to pump more bodies in the content that plays like a new game. So many brainless turds, like the author, are hard wired to think its fact even wow does this sort of thing with death knights. Stupid article is stupid.

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Velorx 9 years ago
not working for me. It wont allow me to the name the character Levelup because it is taken

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Arthh 9 years ago
damn wish It was EU, I got sick of the grindfest at about lvl 35, this would be so awsome if it were EU

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sadfsfsafs 9 years ago
this is nice. other mmo should do same. swtor and wow.

leveling is horrible in mmo. worst game system ever made. slow boring grind on repeat mobs for nothing.

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uteliukas 9 years ago
nonsense, why would u liek to get a maxed char? leveling and gearing up is the fun, then the pvp, after u gain everything youre like "wow ive got to that level, ive got thsi epic gear" not like "hi, ive got a free cahr wich is lvl 58 with all the godly equips, im soo pro."
not even going to participate in this lol

athan 9 years ago
is this on EU or US server?

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Terra-En-Masse-Player 9 years ago
That's a really good ideea because there's no more max level players... and yeah en masse is better than greedy gameforce... enmasse give away a lot of thing without payment (real money) so yeah i recommand Terra - Enmasse :)

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Boozebgood 9 years ago
lol remember when blizzard gave away free max lvled geared toons No one called it cheating

Eon 9 years ago
Doing this actually will kill some group based content from 1-58. There will be shortage of players from 1-58 to play with. Aint playing game a feeling of progression where you go thru all corners of the content and having memories of it. Its to enjoy how far your character have progressed. Alot of times i see people zerg rushing to the max level in the fastest time they could and then going thru all the end game content, within a month or so they felt that its all dried up, and complaining they are doing the same thing everyday and feel very bored. Then quit...
Character progression in mmorpg have to be in a not too slow but not instantly maxed lvl speed.
Too slow people will complain it will take ages to start on end game content, too fast the game content will be burnt in no time.

Cloak 9 years ago
Its not the grind at all. Giving away a almost maxed level character, should tell them something about there "content". Let me put this clearly...IT SUCKS OBVIOUSLY! You know what tera does wrong along with alot of other action mmorpgs? They never make anything challenging enough to utilize the action fighting system they have implemented in there games. These kinda games need to take a lesson from Monster Hunter, and Dragons Dogma and maybe then they will be able to keep there fans interested.

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bruthsaw 9 years ago
Even if you want to enjoy all the content on your way to the end, it wouldn't be bad to have a level 58 for those "just because I can" moments.

Kirara 9 years ago
if you think the game's grind has a unpassable barrier in playing the game..

you really gotta stop playing games, because it's not difficult at all whatsoever o_0

Reavermyst 9 years ago
Because who in their right mind would want to enjoy all of that content going up to level 58?

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