Check Out More Dauntless Combat in Latest Trailer as Devs Add More Testers

QuintLyn Bowers
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If you're waiting for a peek at Dauntless, then here's some good news. The game's developer recently shared a trailer offering a look at some of the game's combat -- particularly the Chain Blades weapon class and a snowy owl-bear behemoth named Skraev.

In other news, Phoenix Labs is beefing up the early testing on its upcoming free-to-play Monster Hunter-style MMO. The company added 2,000 more players to its technical alpha over the weekend and has expanded the game FAQ. Current plans are for the game to move into closed beta some time this summer, with an open beta slated for the fall.

Whether there will be another influx of players to the technical alpha stage has not been revealed, however, according to the FAQ, the next guaranteed influx will be those who purchased Founder's Packs for the Founder's Alpha. Seeing as they are planning on having Closed Beta sometime this summer, this probably won't be too far off.

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zabi 6 years ago
I have a feeling this game will get repetitive and boring fast!

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