Check Out Gameplay Of The Elder Scrolls Online's New Arcanist Class

The developer team dove into the Arcanist during a recent livestream.

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You’ve gotta check out The Elder Scrolls Online’s new Arcanist class in action.

Some time ago, Zenimax Online Studios revealed the Arcanist for the MMORPG coming in the Necrom Chapter. This class offers three skill lines: Herald of the Tome, Soldier of Apocrypha, and Curative Runeforms.

First, let’s take a look at The Herald of the Tome skill line. It focuses on damage-dealing abilities. Skills include "Unblinking Eye," which summons a scion of Hermeaus Mora to cast a damaging beam, and "Runeblades," which launches projectiles that increase in damage based on Crux Points.

Next, there’s the Soldier of Apocrypha skill line. It’s designed for tanking, featuring skills such as "Gibbering Shield," which summons tentacles to absorb and reflect damage, and "Runespite Ward," which grants a damage shield that strengthens with consumed Crux.

Lastly, we introduce the Curative Runeforms skill line. It is geared toward healing and support. Abilities like "Vitalising Glyphic" summon a glyph that provides healing and damage buffs to allies, and "Remedy Cascade" grants targeted healing and resource regeneration.

All three skill lines offer various passives that enhance the class's capabilities. These passives provide bonuses such as increased critical damage, improved health, stamina, and magicka recovery, as well as stronger damage shields.

You can see what the Arcanist looks and feels like in-game in the recent “ESO Live at Home” Twitch stream with the developer team.

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