Despite its troubles, it’s good to see WildStar still pumping out content — and its dev team eagerly hyping that content in videos. Today’s near-hour-long exposé is hosted by Senior Content Designer Kristen DeMeza and Raid and Dungeon Designer Tyler Fuchs and takes players into the Evil From the Ether expedition and Coldblood Citadel dungeon.

The first tasks players with investigating a Mordesh cruiser that’s been found adrift in space, upon which nothing terrible has happened, we’re sure. Coldblood Citadel is … well, cold, and sends you to confront the followers of an old, defeated, enemy who are trying to make him somewhat less defeated. Necromancy is bad, kids.

While you’re checking out the new content, you can also take advantage of the double XP weekend in WildStar, from Friday, Jan. 27 until Monday, Jan. 30. It stacks with other XP boosts, so you’ll be tackling the game’s top challenges in no time!

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  1. I feel like if they did away with all the mmo elements, tailored it for single player, and turned Wildstar into a mmolite game, it would have done fine. Think Division and Destiny just without the bugs and bullshit.

    • I’ve seen some MMOs making people work as a team just to complete events. I never played wildstar but if that’s what they are doing then I 100% agree with you the players shouldn’t be forced to work as a team in every single event. Some events I wanna be alone without other people.

  2. I am sad, for the developers, they are losing his energy in a game, with no hope of survive, is very bigger the competition. Games MMORPG, are difficult to keep them for a long time, with a stable amount of players


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