Chinese Team Edward Gaming Named League Of Legends World Champs

Over 4 million people watched the win.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

League Of Legends World Championship 2021 Winners

The League of Legends World Championships have come to an end and the winners have been named. The last match came to a close on Saturday with more than 4 million viewers watching as Team Edward took on DWG KIA, beating them 3 to 2 in a best out of five. The second most-viewed match, at 3.5 million, was on day one of the event with DWG KIA taking on T1.

The win comes as a bit of a surprise as, apparently, this was the first time Team Edward had made it this far in the tournament and DWG had been doing incredibly well throughout. That said, fans were certainly celebrating in China where there are over 400 million esports fans.

Of course, Team Edward will be celebrating too as they walk away with $489,500 – plus championship rings. DWG didn’t do too badly in the monetary rewards area themselves, taking $333,750 in prize money.

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