Your Choices Of Free EGS Games This Week Are A Bullet Hell FPS Or a Train Simulator

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Okay, y'all. Do you want a weekend filled with lots of big explosions and plenty of pew pew? Or are you looking for something -- well, I don't know if "relaxing" is the right word or not -- but something involving trains? Yes. These are your choices in this week's free Epic Games Store offering. You can either grab Mothergunship, a bullet hell FPS from Versus Evil, or you can snag Dovetail Games' Train Sim World 2. If you're just really indecisive, or just enjoy adding games to your library to say you have them, I suppose you can do both.

Mothergunship throws players into a battle against a robotic force from another world. They've conquered Earth and it's up to you to do something about it. Or... Y'know... Just live under their rule forever. (Although, I doubt the game will go anywhere if you opt for that.) Players can build an arsenal of crazy guns designed to fight their way through massive bosses and eventually destroy the Mothergunship.

Normally, this game costs $25. So it's a pretty reasonable deal. There's not really any DLC -- unless you dig soundtracks which you can pick up for $5.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Train Sim World 2, which normally runs about $30. This is pretty much what you'd expect from the title. Players drive all kinds of trains, replicated from those you'll find in the real world. This includes everything from a high-speed inter-city train in Germany to hauling long freight. Players can personalize their locomotives with a livery designer and even customize their play with a scenario planner. The game includes plenty of famous places and iconic trains. And, yes, there are tutorials for those that need them.

Unlike Mothergunship, Train Sim World 2 boasts a lot of additional content ranging from $20 to $30 a pop. Currently there are eleven DLC packs. Quick head math (although it could be a smidge off) puts the DLC right around $305 total.

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