Well, that didn’t take long.

Early this morning, En Masse Entertainment followed up their closure announcement with another announcement that Naddic, the developer of Closers, will be handling the publication of the game. According to the post, the two companies have been preparing to transfer game services when the time comes.

Until that point, EME plans to drop two more content releases — on August 31 and September 28. Once those are taken care of, EME will begin the process of transferring the game back to Naddic who intends to bring the servers back up with player progress intact.

For those of you who are more concerned about the fate of Tera, there have been no announcements as of yet. We did, however, email EME to see if there’s anything they can tell us.

What we do know, is that unlike Naddic, EME and BlueHole are both companies under the Krafton umbrella. So it seems likely players shouldn’t have to worry too much.


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