COD Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play Set To Launch In 2023

Not too far off now.

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Cod MW2 Ranked Play

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play has been confirmed by Treyarch Studios and will launch in 2023. Players can expect a top 250 leaderboard, competitive rewards, and ranked skill divisions with the addition of Ranked Play. Before launch, players can participate in the CDL Moshpit playlist which is due to arrive with MW2’s Season 1 update on November 16.

In less exciting news, Treyarch has also shared its plans to close down Black Ops Cold War League Play and Vanguard Ranked Play this month, with players only having until November 22 to collect their remaining rewards.

In addition, MW2’s very first episode of Raids will debut with the Season 1 Reloaded patch on December 14 which will include a legendary multiplayer map along with the first major Warzone 2.0 Update. These raids will be “a whole new experience for the franchise–a three-player cooperative engagement requiring teamwork and strategic, puzzle-solving thinking in between bouts of intense combat,” says Activision.

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