Today’s the day! After scheduled maintenance, those who participated in Phantasy Star Online 2‘s closed beta test — and met all the criteria — will be able to pick up their rewards at the Visiphone.

There are four different criteria that need to have been met in order to receive all the available goodies. Really, it’s all based on how many Urgent Quests a player managed to complete during their playtime. If a player has completed even one Urgent Quest, they’ll receive something. For every one after that that they completed (up to 4, because you have to stop somewhere) more goodies will be added. Here’s the rundown.

1 Urgent Quest completed:

  • Photon Halo C (accessory)
  • Triboost +100% (consumable)

2 Urgent Quests completed:

  • Photon Halo A (accessory)
  • Triboost +100% (consumable)

3 Urgent Quests completed:

  • Dreamcast Mag
  • Triboost +100% (consumable)

4 Urgent Quests completed:

  • Weapon Camo “Coated Edge”
  • Triboost +100% (quantity of 10, consumable)

To collect the items, just visit the Visiphone after today’s maintenance and use the “Recieve Campaign Items” option. If everything goes as intended, the items will appear in your inventory.

If you weren’t able to participate in the closed beta test, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to get something nifty for yourself. Starting after today’s maintenance period, players have the chance to earn a Mag Evolution Device based on the classic Sega title Puyo Puyo. All that needs to be done is to use the Group Chat feature between the end of maintenance today and the beginning of maintenance on April 14.

To do this, you’ll need to assign players in your friends list to a group. You don’t even need to be in a party or alliance to do it.

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  1. glad to see their progressing i’m not sure i’ll be moving to the english version any time soon though.
    I have so much i have done on the JP servers and it seems like most of the ship 2 population (ship 2 being where most english players go to on pso2 JP.) feel the same way they all would rather stay where there is more content and fun to be had. if we could bring are account over maybe but that very unlikely. I feel this will flop because most of us won’t move away from our accounts that literally have years of progression on them.


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