EA announced at Gamescom that Command & Conquer: Generals 2 will become part of the free C&C franchise, that will be connected to the Tiberium and Red Alert universes.

With the last release of C&C: Tiberium Alliances relying heavily on the cash shop system, creating a pay-2-win scenario, the chances of C&C: Generals 2 being enjoyable to play is highly doubtful. The original C&C series had a very in depth single-player campaign, and the ability to play the game offline. Two things that are notably absent from this version.

Generals 2 will be released next year, but sign-ups for the closed beta sign-up start today. Head over here to sign-up for the beta and to find out more information. Do you think EA will successfully revamp the C&C franchise or will this just another pay-2-win game? Let us know!

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  1. Very dissapointed with the C&C franchise. It seems like ever since westwood gave up the rights. This game has done nothing but dissapoint. I’ll be honest, I played Tiberium Alliances but, after just a month I was closing the laptop of boredom.

    They say they’ve listened too the fans, read the e-mails, and wanna make the game to our liking. Thing is if they really did listen to all of us, their wouldn’t be a F2P Generals.

    I’ll just end this with a “BIG F-YOU VICTORY GAMES!!!”

  2. Weird how you could pay $50-$60 and play a good game, (based on tactics, strategy, and wit) for a few years back in the day.

    Now, because of capitalism, the game will likely be turned into a power hungry pvp system. If you expect to have fun while playing, you’ll probably end up spending $25 per month just to compete with other people who are spending $100 a month.

    Welcome to the free to play game called, “Purchase & Conquer”. I’m deeply saddened knowing that my favorite game will be turned into this. It won’t even be a strategy game anymore…. Just pay more, win more.

  3. maybe the game won’t be pay to win, maybe they will use fair model in hope they get more users on Origin which would mean more sales and much more profit,
    nah, it’s EA of course it’s gonna be pay 2 win.

  4. Simple, after they made C&Q Tiberium Alliances a free to play browser game, it became so much pay to win that everyone ended up paying, even me, so after seeing the pay-to-win strategy worked, they will try it again, but on a real C&Q, turns out it won’t be totally P2W, but to win in the game you would need lots of time and strong friends.

  5. well at least we don’t have to give them money to be disappointed, that’s good right, i mean nothing can be worse than tiberium twilight (that game is not command and conquer)

  6. Maybe im too naive but, even being p2w can be fun to play it, there is some p2w out there that are quite good (dont even try to pvp) dont know what this game is like as i never played C&C but the p2w model isnt too heavy it will be playable (my comment above may seem contradictory, no it is not just dont buy anything and dont feed a money hungry company, instead go and give 1 buck to the starving dude in the metro)

  7. I hope EA bleeds to death…at this point, I don’t think they would be missed. In fact, I think there would be much rejoicing.

  8. God dammit. I was going to buy it since I’m a huge fan of the Generals series. Loved Generals and ZH. Now, since they’re going to make it f2p with EA alongside them, I might not play it anymore. *sigh* Back to Generals 1 and Zero Hour.

  9. the buildings and others 3d models looks very the same as in Battlefield …. i definitely wouldn’t pay for that …. if it was a box ver … so why not f2p

  10. I can understand why subscription based games go free to play. But a buy to play game? Buy to play market is doing just great. Why the hell would the make this game f2p? I seriusly doubt that it’s because they are an altruistic bunch. So pay to win it is… The footage looks great. But hearing that this game is going to be f2p, it also looks like a trap.

    • buy to play only gives the money of the bought product, companies are greedy and ea is even more greedy to make benefitwanting to take too much milk from the same cow before it dies, at this day lots of companies do that (call of duty, d3, etc.) the problem is not that the companies do that. The problem is that ppl still buy it. Even if we get upset or angry or rage about it, it done they have they money from the ppl who played blindlessly not seeing that by doing so they are boosting a market of rot games and raging comunities

      • That’s exactly what I mean. Some pay to play games are forced to switch to f2p model. But the only reason for converting buy to play game into f2p one is greed.

    • It means high quality or high production values. The term is used in games industry and i have seen it used in some sports( Triple-A Team), i’v never seen someone describe a toaster as AAA for example.

      As for what it stands for, it doesn’t stand for anything. It came from american system of exam grades that uses letters like B-, A+ or AA+ and also sometimes uses AAAA actually.

  11. I was wondering how they were going to ruin this game and it seems that they have now announced how they will ruin it, great work EA please continue ruining great franchise names -.-

  12. Frostbite 2 based strategy, nice, although it’s been toned down it seams. Either way, awesome news. No matter what you feel about the game it’s always good news to see big fishes turn toward F2P market.

    Sooner or later, it will become the only valid paying method. Mark my words.

    Monkee has spoken.


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