Albion Online‘s Call To Arms update goes live today, and it’s making major changes to faction warfare, as we detailed last month. Billed as a “complete rework and expansion” of the system, factions can now take control of entire regions and reap the benefits via updated faction ranks and month-long faction campaign rewards.

A new sixth faction, Caerleon, enters the fray as a “lawless” faction, with its own trade missions, City Heart, crest, and Caerleon Greywolf mount. Each of the six factions now has an Elite Faction Mount and Faction Ability at its disposal, and the Royal Continent has been expanded to make room for all the new conflicts, as well as a new influx of Bandit Invasions.

Ten new Hellgate layouts are also included with this update, offering challenging PvE and PvP content, and there are some significant quality-of-life updates to be had as well. Players can now create loadouts for their various roles and quickly equip them from storage, sharing them with guildmates. Ability tooltips have been improved for better readability, and there’s even better-animated vegetation if all you want to do is stop and stare at the flowers all day. Just watch your back while you’re doing so.

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