Become Corrupted As Conan Exiles Reveals Release Date for Age Of Sorcery Update

For the first time, players can become corrupted sorcerers.

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Conan Exile Age Of Sorcery Update

Conan Exiles’ next update is right around the corner. On September 1st, Age of Sorcery will launch on PC and Xbox, offering players their first opportunity to become the corrupted sorcerers they always knew they could be. In order to do this, players will need to sacrifice a portion of their life force in exchange for the ability to wield dark powers. Players may want to think about it a bit, however, as the developer warns that it requires preparation and a “pinch of madness”, meaning it’s not as simple as just throwing fireballs around. No offense to the pyro-loving mages among you.

The update also introduces a new attribute and perk system to the game, offering players more options while leveling their characters. Players can choose between two perks at specific points. More perks can be obtained by infusing attributes with corruption.

It’s not all about corruption though. Age of Sorcery also adds a new building interface and a new Creative Mode. There are also improvements to followers, new mobs to fight, the obligatory Battle Pass system, and more.

Speaking of Battle Passes, Age of Sorcery also kicks off a new way of doing seasons. Moving forward, each will feature its own theme with free content and features, as well as the paid Battle Pass.

To celebrate the launch of the new update, Funcom is hosting a free period for players. Players on Steam can jump in and play for free between September 1 and September 8. Xbox players will be able to play for free between September 8 and September 11. We have no idea why one gets half the time of the other.

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