Kingdom Guild War testing has already begun to pave the way for Conquer Online’s “Kingdom War” expansion in early 2015. In Kingdom War, Conquer Online’s 60 servers will be divided into 6 worlds (10 servers in each) and each server in a world is its own “kingdom.”

Being PvP oriented, Conquer Online will obviously allow each kingdom to attempt to take over other kingdoms in their world, and sabotage, aggression, and subversion will be the name of the game. Guilds are free to ally up with other guilds to form offensive and defensive forces in an effort to expand their own kingdoms. Following each Kingdom War, players will be able to vote for leaders and emperors who can then “exercise the power of the kingdom” (whatever that will mean) for the next week, until the next Kingdom War.

Server stress testing has already started with the smaller scale Kingdom Guild War shown in the video above. Conquer Online calls this system the largest scale PvP since launch.

Will you be checking out Kingdom Wars in 2015?

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  1. game is total trash now used to be skill based where a fight didn’t fully depend on how decked out your char was. As of now since the addition of lotto and BP (battle power) stat pvp is horrible (battle power is the only deciding factor just about in pvp now and very small differences in this stat can be the difference between one shotting or dealing 1 damage. also a huge factor in pvp are 2 cash shop items called a tower and fan that can also negate all damage or do tons of damage with as small as a 1 + difference)the only reason this game is still alive is because of 2 demographics, the middle east and South America both areas having people who have spend tens of thousands on multiple characters to just have a shot at being the “king” of a server lots of these people continue to play because of the amount of money they have thrown at this game and the fact that the game is so old no1 is willing to buy the characters and gears to recoup there losses to this game. Not to mention the fact that hunting for items is futile because the devs lowered drop rates so low there almost nonexistent now (meteors dragon balls elites and supers and plus 1 items all effected). and 60 servers is a mere shadow of what used to be nearly 100 (just about every server has been merged into 2-3 other servers and each server could roughly hold about 5k ppl on it at one given time and now almost all there merged servers have maybe 2-3k ppl if that playing on them) . This game is limping along to a very slow and painful death.

  2. this game is very but very popular for some reason ! idk why i dont see anything specia…. hmm levleing is fast , quest are like kill that bring that, pvp is nice but i still dont understude how this game have huge playerbase O,O

  3. People have invested literally tens of thousands of dollars into this money sinkhole. Is it that surprising it’s still alive?

    Anyway I wonder how this expansion will gouge more money from players. I’m excited to find out.


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