Conqueror’s Blade's Upcoming "Eternal" Update Gets Spotlight On The Crescent Monks Unit

The Monks are one of three new season units inspired by Ancient Chinese heroes.

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Conquerors Blade Eternal Monks

When Conqueror’s Blade: Eternal’s next update hits in three days, on February 23, it will begin to introduce three new seasonal units inspired by ancient Chinese heroes. To get players acquainted with these units, Booming Tech and are dropping posts filled with information on the new units. Today, the devs published a post introducing the 4-star unit Crescent Monks.

The monks are a fellowship that models itself after the hero Lu Zhishen. This hero became a monk as a way of hiding himself after accidentally killing someone in a dispute over a debt. In the spirit of that, the Crescent Monks carry a polearm called the Monk’s Spade, which can be used to not only kill a foe, but dig their grave afterward. They’re a proud group that wants everyone to know about their exploits. That’s kinda counter to the whole "becoming a monk to go into hiding" thing, but who are we to judge?

Despite the upcoming update being only a few days away, players will – unfortunately – have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the monks. The unit will be available to add to players’ ranks later in the season on March 6 – and will require players to complete new Unit Challenges in order to obtain them.

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