New World's Latest Forged In Aeternum Episode Turns One Cyclopean Eye On The Legacy Of Crassus World Boss Event

It's almost time to take down giant cyclops, cyclopses, cyclopi, whatever.

Troy Blackburn
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Recently we ran down the various rewards you'll be receiving in the upcoming Legacy of Crassus event in New World, and on today's episode of "Forged in Aeternum", the MMORPG devs talk more about the upcoming event and how it came to be.

General Crassus's captains Decimus and Lucanus are invading the southern lands, and it's up to you to stop them. These world boss fights will spawn in five southern zones, bringing some of the monsters of Brimstone to the rest of the continent.

They also mentioned that these captains will be planting their flags and that will be a part of the fight. These encounters are geared to be more difficult content in which you'll need some friends.

The event runs from February 21st through March 7th.

Check out the whole episode in the video below.

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