The coronavirus isn’t just impacting e-sports events in China — it’s also affecting game development.

My.Games issued a statement today about the current state of Conqueror’s Blade and its developer, Hangzhou, China-based Booming Games, which is “taking every necessary and required precaution to ensure the safety” of its workers. Access to the Booming Games office is “limited” at this time, which will result in delays to various upcoming game content releases.

The Winter Light Festival will run an extra week, to Feb. 19, while the current season will be extended past its announced Feb. 29 end date, with Season III starting afterwards; no firm dates were given. The final two campaigns of the season will also be delayed, though Conqueror’s City is tentatively planned to be released with the fourth campaign on March 3.

Given the large number of game developers in China — Tencent immediately springs to mind — it wouldn’t be surprising to hear more companies make announcements like this one. Here’s hoping that the Booming Games team can get back to work before too long and without any impact to its staff.


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