Season VIII of Conqueror’s Blade is taking us to China — or at least a China-inspired land. Titled “Dynasty,” the eighth season fittingly kicks off on the eighth of July and is themed around China’s Tang Dynasty, with new units, a new weapon, a new region, and a new battle map, all with an Eastern flair.

Warlords will be able to travel to Hao Jing, the capital of the new region Longting, where they’ll be able to explore a new campaign that features “anthology of stories” that focuses on the history of the in-game Qian Dynasty. They’ll also be able to learn how to wield a new weapon, the Pike, which features melee attacks meant to keep your enemies at bay.

There are four new units coming in the season, three of which can be earned via seasonal missions. Those include the three-star Cudgel Monks, described as “peaceful protectors” that can still dish out the hurt when they go to war, and the four-star “determined veterans” Greyhair Garrison and “disciplined and elite” Modao Battalion. The fourth unit, the five-star Shenji Grenadiers, can be unlocked via the unit tree.

The new siege map is Linwu Fortress, a 10v10 PvP map where Booming Tech says defenders held out for 40 years. Hopefully, matches won’t take that long.

The battle pass for the new season can be pre-purchased starting on June 24 and offers the usual slate of emotes, skins, and more. A new set of seasonal runes, introduced in Season VII, will also be available, along with “all-new sacred relics inspired by Wuxing philosophy and its Five Phases.”

Learn more about Season VIII: Dynasty on the Conqueror’s Blade website.


  1. Its possible that the chinese government will say that the game should come down as it does not represent china at all. lol


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