Beginning with today’s update, Lineage II players are now able to create and summon homunculi companions to accompany them on their quests. The little creatures — which come in five flavors: baby dragon, chick, goby, angel, and orc — each have unique skills and provide the player with different bonuses. They can also be leveled up. Interestingly (and probably to make them less annoying) these companions can only be seen by the person who owns them. In order to create the little guys, players will need to use blood, soul, and tears — or HP, SP, and VP.

The update also offers players the chance to hunt monsters in the updated Tower of Insolence and the Imperial Tomb. The first is a stronghold where the gods imprisoned Emperor Balum. This tower will only open to researchers level 110 or over. So come prepared.

The Imperial tomb is accessible via the quest “Tomb Raiders” and is a time-limited affair in which players only have an hour to take down all the monsters and get all the goodies.

If you still need something else to do, the Swamp of Screams is now open to everyone, but the monsters will only appear at specific times.

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