Cross World Expeditions And Improved Group Finder Coming To New World's PTR Tomorrow

New and improved!

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

New World New Cross World Group Finder

A big new feature is coming to New World this year, but first, you can try it out on the PTR. Cross World Expeditions are coming to the New World PTR, as is the new and improved group finder.

There will be no more lobby management in the MMORPG once these new features finally go live, as the new group finder is a one-click system that will automatically assemble role-balanced, cross-world groups to take on the game's Expeditions. You can choose 'Random' to queue for any Expedition you qualify for, or use checkboxes to choose specific Expeditions to queue for.

To access the New World PTR, simply head over to your Steam Library where it should be in your list of games as long as you own New World. You'll need to download and update the PTR client separately from your main New World client.

The New World PTR will open on January 196th for testing of the new Group Finder and Cross World Expeditions. You can even play with the devs on the 19th.

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