Earn A New Khitomer Alliance Ship In Star Trek Online’s The King And Collective Event

The Grand Prize is the Alliance Rex Pilot Escort.

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Star Trek Online Borg Anniversary

Star Trek Online is celebrating its anniversary the only way the Star Trek universe can – with a Borg event. In this case, players will be taking on different stories in the form of the MMORPG's episodes, TFOs, and a minigame in order to earn points toward the Alliance Rex Pilot Escort prize.

To earn 40 daily progress points, players will need to do the episode “Taken by Surprise”, the space TFO “Guillotine”, and the “Omega Particle Stabilization” minigame. There’s also a new episode “Scorpion’s Aybss” and a new TFO “Battle of Wolf 359” that will go toward earning more points.

Once players have the 40 daily progress, they’ll be able to claim the ship. Any points earned after that will earn players Dilithium Ore. The Dilithium reward scales, beginning with a lump sum of 8,000. Every day players can add 1,000 to their daily total up to a cap of 50,000 per day.

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