Smilegate Entertainment, developers of the popular online shooter game CrossFire, announced today that version 2.0 of the game is available for download in North America. The update features a complete graphical overhaul of the game with enhanced graphics, new textures, and more realism.

In addition to the graphical update, CrossFire 2.0 also brings a new VIP character — the Viper — as well as more weapons, game modes, and more.

Version 2.0 is now available as an automatic download via the CrossFire game client.

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  1. another braindead asian cs clonem this poo p was down, its some pirated server or what and prepare for tonns ofcheaters like in any cs like CRAP!

    • What prejudice to the Brazilians? I’m a brazilian and don’t play this game because is full of cheaters created by people around the world. You’re not right noob.

      • Well you see, back when I actually played the original Crossfire, there was a rampant hacker problem and the Developers noted and publicly posted that the vast majority of those caught using the Hacks/Cheats w/e you want to call them, had Brazilian IP addresses. Which resulted in them blocking Access to their game from Brazilian IPs.

        It was a whole

        • Hey man don`t say things like that , even if its truth , you can`t say all Brazilian act like this , if u seen a group doing this kind of thing u CAN`T say everyone act like that , i have played many MMO over the years and the reputation of Brazilians aren`t the best – but it not allow anyone say all people from a same place act the same other side the vision which every country will be the same to every person like Americans – Big fat lazy people , German – Nazi , Latinos – drug traffickers and many other assignments ridiculous of titles to a person just cause its origins . My person experience say most people think like this , also I never got banned from any kind of game , and from many games I played when they ask where i`m from and i answer i`m from Brazil , some of them , get shocked and say like i never thought u was from there . So don`t judge everybody from a group which u seen .

      • He meant Brazilian players since they had high pings and Hackers as a single term. Yes there was high amount of Brazilian cheaters which resulted in the IP blocking did it fix the issue on a large scale yes but there are still many many more not as many but still a few.


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