Barely a year after opening, Smilegate is shutting down its office in Berlin. Well, it’s not shutting down, exactly; according to a spokesperson, the idea is to “implement Smilegate’s new business strategy which foresees restructuring of certain parts of the business in the Smilegate group.” Totally not a closure — just restructuring!

The European branch was originally tasked with increasing Crossfire’s e-sports presence in the West, but that apparently hasn’t worked out. That hasn’t worked out well enough for the home office in Korea, apparently, despite making some inroads in the European e-sports scene.

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  1. Well, the game is old and very glitchy to play. I thought after reading about it for so long how it’s still among the top 10 in Asia, that it might actually be good. But it’s not. It’s actually pretty bad, kind of like CS 1.6 is outdated graphics and outdated gameplay mechanics. Nobody will want to play such a game nowadays.
    Besides, the time where people still have potatoes that can only play CS 1.6 and Crossfire are over. Everyone has a computer that can run CS:GO or any other Asian FPS with similar system requirements. And the people in the West are all about shiny new graphics – everyone I talk to pays too much attention to graphics and neglects gameplay.


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