The new faction in Crossout uses old-world construction equipment to wreak havoc on the battlefield — which, when you think about it, isn’t such a bad idea. Sure, guns-on-a-pickup are intimidating, but would you rather face that or a nigh-indestructible excavator?

That’s the kind of thing the Founders have at their disposal, using dump trucks, excavators, and forklifts, armed with plasma cutters, laser drills, and pneumatic rebar throwers, the last of which sounds truly horrifying. And then there’s the “Bigram” chassis, an old mobile construction crane described as having “appearance more akin to legs with wheels.” Honestly, this sounds more terrifying than the Halloween update.

The Founders arrive alongside a “Return of the Founders” event, which runs until April 23, in which you can purchase a Premium Battle Pass to get the components for their vehicles more quickly. Also new in Update 0.11.0 is the PvP map Ashen Ring, which is set amidst the ruins of a collapsed particle collider. “Now, it’s not just subatomic particles that will be colliding!” he said, in his best pitchman voice.

Learn more about Update 0.11.0 and the Founders on the Crossout site.


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