The apocalypse never seems to lack for fresh bodies. Such is the case with Gaijin Entertainment’s and Targem Games’ free-to-play vehicular mayhem title Crossout, which was announced today as having drawn three million players in just its first full month of release.

In addition to that lofty number, the press release also boasts a few more impressive digits: 150 million vehicles in PvP and and 1.5 million Leviathans, player-constructed PvE boss enemies, have been destroyed. Over eight million new items have been constructed, with one million transactions occurring via the marketplace every day.

There’s more to come, too. Targem Games’ CEO promises that “next week new PvE adventures on a challenging mountain landscape will be made available” and new factions, vehicle parts, and game modes are “in the pipeline.”


  1. the game can be no p2w but sadly it is now in the release of the game u could merch items and every thing whas cheap or worth more like beginer items but now if u play it on xbox the game is kinda death best guns are 11k-30k coins and the market is kinda shit now since u dont make profit on any items anymore becouse the 10% market fee and making items for profit will also not help since u have to pay to rent a workbench and when i make reliq stuff i have to pay like 2k -4k for just 15 parts thats crazy so there is no profit if u stack up the market fee so what u need to do it grind out and win 2k-3k matches to get such guys but by that time ur already bored and if u dont like the guys u have to grind tons of more to get differend guns i just hit level 12 and im playing against people that have 5x stronger weapons then my i get bored already after 3 days of playing becouse i always lose becouse u can not compete with the guys that had the game from the begin or paid for all their coins

  2. PR speak. Total player count is meaningless if there is a high bounce rate. The number of actually active players is far more important, and it says a lot about a game if they aren’t forthcoming with it.

  3. Game is fun in early plays.But after a while it becomes p2w.
    Matches are unbalanced.If you like to farm then it’s the game for you.
    If you like to compete then it’s not for you.

  4. i’m playing this game from first alpha wave, love it, its very awesome, but its P2W and unbalanced!
    I know you can craft and accuire everything in this game but you need lots of time, its grind simulator. BUT….. if u have blue weapons and 1 epic item or smth you join vs guys with atleast 2 LEGENDARY weapons attached. it means that u have 0 chance vs them… its simple, HE PAID – HE WON = P2W. Mute me here too trash GM’s from Gaijin
    like in Survarium, here is same problem, there is always 2 – 3 GM in global chat who bans and mutes people just for say P2W………

    PvP and PvE is unbalanced both!!!!!

      • shill go lick your dev/publisher behind somewhere else. This is a false marketing.

        This game has an average of 60 players with peak players around 400. Only in the last month that was increased to 617.9 1,795 and that was also because of marketing tricks.

        So there is litteraly zero chance this game could have a boost of 3 mil players.

        it is a pathetic buy to play ( early access ) “free to play” pay to win scam. Full with bugs, cheaters, unoptimized etc.

        • Keep jacking off to your own ignorance and hate, mate. I’m not defending or promoting anything here, I only notified him why steamcharts information is not relevant (yet). No Idea how or why anyone could interpret what I said as anything else.


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