There’s a new update for Crossout called Guiding Star, and it brings a new season, new content, and a new battle pass, placing players smack in the middle of a new war with the Ravagers. The season and pass until September 12 and have 75 levels of unique rewards for both paid and free players.

Some of those rewards seem to be geared toward utilizing a “direct assault” strategy. The “Aggressor” cabin gives you a damage bonus for driving in a straight line, while the “Gremlin” shotgun does extra damage after you collide with another vehicle. Full speed ahead!

There’s a new PvE brawl running until July 8 called Operation Gozu, and it sends players against a Ravager base with various objectives, which can all be summed up as “destroy stuff.” The operation comes with the option to use stealth, allowing you to avoid some encounters — not to mention save time and wear and tear on your vehicles — if you’re sneaky enough.

The Ship Graveyard map has undergone some significant visual changes, all of which will be easier to see with the implementation of improved lighting on the map. That map, along with the Factory and Engineers and Assault Forces garages, also now have more translucent large vegetation, so the weeds don’t get in the way of the pretty, post-apocalyptic view.

Learn more about the most recent update for Crossout for on the game’s site for your platform of choice: PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.


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