As the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s a maxim Amazon Game Studios is looking to disprove, with today’s release of the “Extended Overview” video for Crucible, which follows up — or, Amazon hopes, replaces — last week’s underwhelming introduction.

First, here’s last week’s video:

And this week’s:

The first 50 seconds of each video are almost exactly the same, except that the voice actor is a wee bit calmer and less in-your-face. Hey, it’s not unusual to have a second take when recording — it’s just that the first, less-than-ideal, one isn’t usually put out there for public consumption.

After that, the new video goes into the hunters, which have been getting individual reveals throughout the week. Again, letting people know about who they’ll be playing in a character-based game so they can pick favorites early seems like the kind of information you’d want to get out there early. After those, at the three-minute mark, the video gets into the meat and potatoes of the game itself, namely hunter upgrades and the different game modes.

All in all, the Extended Overview is a much better introduction to the game, which launches in five days. The (re-)introduction is also garnering a better reception, with 94% upvotes on YouTube, as compared to 70% for its week-old counterpart. I’d be willing to bet a big, fat pile of Essence that someone in the marketing department realized the earlier video’s shortcomings and tried to make amends with the new one, probably hoping that the first will be quickly forgotten. Honestly, this new effort has worked for me, and has me actually interested in the game, but let’s hope that the team will be more agile with its communication when the game goes live.


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