GAMESinFLAMES and JoyImpact’s free-to-play MMO with MOBA-style PvP, Crush Online, has officially launched. The game takes the MOBA combat system and applies it to a persistent world MMO offering players the chance to represent one of three factions in all out war using MOBA-style matches to claim territory.

Players will be able to choose from a variety of weapons, own and maintain a guild castle, and even participate in in-game politics by electing a king.

Crush Online can be downloaded via either the game’s official site or via Steam.

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  1. Marlblanke on October 12, 2016

    The territory system reminds me of Fantasy Earth Zero.
    Not a big MOBA fan, but that alone might make me give it a try.

  2. ASD on October 11, 2016

    I really hate the top overview camera but I like the combat and the guild castle and the ingame politics and being able to elect a king for the guild castle.

    • Onara Gorou on October 11, 2016

      i played the game about a couple of weeks ago and it was fun for a few hours, but then got really boring, there is no story content, the world feels empty – every zone just has monsters and players, no hidden treasures, no buildings, no NPCs, reagents are in caves on specific places…

      the game really needs work on this aspect, because otherwise its an interesting concept