Two and a half years ago, we heard that Cryptic Studios was working on a Magic: The Gathering MMORPG — and really haven’t heard much else since (though that didn’t stop us from trying to predict what it would be). At tonight’s Game Awards, it was officially announced. It’s got a name, Magic: Legends, and it’s an “Action-RPG,” according to its website.

There are a few more words to describe the game on Twitter, but not much in terms of solid gameplay details:

“Action RPG” could mean an ARPG in the style of Path of Exile, though the term could also apply to a first- or third-person RPGs with fast-paced, non-tab-target fighting. Without much more to go on than that, we’ll pass on the speculating this time around, but hopefully we’ll learn more — gameplay, release window, and most of all, whether it’ll be free-to-play — in early 2020.


  1. And dont forget the part of neverwinter with 0.05% of number of classes neverwinter and d&d has. And dont forget the low updates on some of his games Like Champions online. Small studio trying to maintain to many games.


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