It looks like something is in the works at Cryptic Studios. The company posted a job listing on Gamasutra searching for full-time Producers to join the team.

The listing doesn’t specify what project the company is seeking producers for — in fact, the entire thing is the general vague job listing speak we’re all used to. So, it is possible it’s a pre-existing game. However, it seems unlikely that they’d be looking for more than one producer for a pre-existing title — if not just promoting someone from within. That leaves the possibility of a new game hanging out there for us to speculate about.

Whatever the project is they’re hiring for, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. Although we can have fun guessing in the meantime.

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  1. Cryptic is stretched too thin at this point. Support (I mean REAL support) for Champions Online is like, nothing right now. At best, we get rehashed content. At worst, we get more lockboxes with shit we don’t need.

  2. i want normal – real open world with no area teleports, (NON ANIME) mmorpg, really f2p, with 2 rival factions and few non human races, with classic targeting system… in few words i need – F2P World of Warcraft (((

  3. NO MORE MOBA’s. Moba’s are good for some players but more players don’t want MOBA as far to many MOBA’s being made we need a Decent F2P MMO with good PvP and something New to the mix. Would love a game like 12sky/12sky2 to be made but with 2016 graphics not 2009


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