HEX: Shards of Fate Announces First Worldwide Cash Prize Tournament

Digital TCG Hex: Shards of Fate will go offline on Dec. 31, developer Cryptozoic Entertainment announced today. Specifically, the press release stated that “we are required to close HEX: Shards of Fate on December 31, 2020,” which was immediately followed up by a link to the settlement between Cryptozoic and Wizards of the Coast from 2015. Wizards had sued Cryptozoic for “copying” Magic: The Gathering, and the two companies eventually reached an agreement on the matter. We speculated then about what the terms of the agreement might have been; whatever they were, it seems that they lasted for only five years.

To thank its fans, Cryptozoic is hosting a “Sunset Blowout” for the final three months of 2020, removing all tournament entry costs to zero and Draft Gauntlet rewards have been increased. Additionally, you can also pick up booster packs for free every day when you log in. The ability to purchase currency has been disabled.

All may not be in vain, though. Cryptozoic is taking snapshots of everyone’s collections so they can potentially be transferred over to any future products that are made in the Hex universe. The company can’t make any promises as to what or when that might be, but it’s still at least something to look forward to for dejected fans.


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