Wizards of the Coast, infamous creators of the TCG Magic the Gathering have filed a lawsuit against the developers behind the upcoming MMOTCG HEX: Shards of Fate for willful copyright infringement.

According to WotC’s official press release, Hex developer Cryptozoic has created a “a clone of the world famous tabletop collectable trading card game, Magic: The Gathering” and while Wizards “appreciate a robust and thriving trading card game industry” they consider HEX to be a misappropriation of their intellectual property.

In the filed lawsuit documents WotC accuses HEX of possessing many similar mechanics to Magic: The Gathering including color specific resources (Lands in Magic), similar card mechanics (artifacts in both games), along with its interface when compared to the digital version of Magic, Duels of the Planeswalkers.

It is in fact possible to patent basic gameplay mechanics (see mini-game loading screens) and Wizards of the Coast already do own a few patents for Magic including the patent for “tapping” a card although it doesn’t seem to have been enforced to the highest degree as there are plenty of offline and online TCGs who feature that mechanic.

WotC claims Cryptozoic has been unwilling to resolve the matter thus forcing the lawsuit. Cryptozoic has yet to offer an official response to the lawsuit.

HEX was successfully Kickstarted back in the early part of 2013 after vastly exceeding its goal. The TCG is currently in closed beta development and promises to combine the world of an MMO into a TCG complete with customizable champions, dungeons, an involved storyline, advance AI, and other social features one might expect to find in an MMO. The PvE portion of HEX is said to be free, with players able to earn over 300 cards. Those who wish to play against real opponents may purchase or trade for additional cards only rewarded through PvP.

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  1. I love MTG and I’m in the Hex beta and play a game or two each day.

    Sorry but this is totally a MTG clone and even thought there are slight differences in how the game works, mana for instance or even abilities – after playing about 5 matches a few weeks ago I immediately felt this was an MTG knockoff.

    Part of me hopes Cryptozoic wins this case as more competition raises the bar overall.

    But another part of me knows that WOTC will win because this is a knockoff. Just like Ice Ice Baby was a knockoff of Under Pressure. Different, but too many similarities – I’d compare the music illustration to about 20% the same, this game is about 80% the same which is too much sadly.

    I only donated $10 but I’m wondering if they lose the lawsuit will they have to pay us all back?

  2. I’m not surprised by this at all. It’s not the first time Wizards tried to sue someone. If I remember right they tried to sue the maker’s of the Pokemon TCG. Even though I do find it pretty stupid, because land in magic the gathering and energy in Pokemon are totally used differently. I think Wizards should just leave The makers of Hex alone. You don’t see Sony Entertainment going around sueing other companies do you (who makes mmo’s). I dont think so. I’m looking forward to playing Hex and hopes everything goes alright.

    • Why would they sue Pokemon tcg when they owned the rights to it when it hit the western market?
      I’m seriously just asking.

  3. if im not mistaken they had a WotC developer from MTG in their studio helping them design some original mechanics and stuff for their game, while they do make use of basic mechanics such as lands, artifavts and tapping they have blown TCG’s into a new set of mechanics with all new ideas with like card transformations and multiple card flips and more because i havent been following the game very closly.

  4. Well they have the Patents on it so why shouldn’t they, it is there right to do so, it ain’t the nice tour to do it but it is still there right.

    MTG was the first Trading card game and is untill today the most played and biggest card game out there. If they would want to they could sue almost any TCG out there but actually Hex really looks like a cheap rip off.

    • That’s about like saying coca cola has the right to sue other companies for making similar tasting soda. It’s bullshit. MTG wasn’t the first one either, they just have their rule sets patented. It’s not even a direct copy of their product. Similarity doesn’t equate to direct theft. Without imitation there is no competitive business. It would be entitling them to a monopoly.

      • coca cola’s recipe is patented.but its the recipe not the the taste that has the patent. the only thing bullshit here is the fact that hex blatantly ripped off a lot of mtg mechanics along with naming lands lands. as if they couldn’t call them resources or literally any dam thing else. then there tapping and instants and good lord. shits redic.

        • And this game tastes like magic. I suppose every mmo dev that made an mmo before wow has grounds to sue them for using their mechanics. I don’t see anything that isn’t bullshit about this attempt to stamp out the competition with lawyers.

          • instead of back peddling to the taste thing again.you should attack the way the similarities are different to have a good rebuttal. imo

      • MTG, was and is the First TCG created. And well the First creations always can do stuff that seems like bull shit, but that is the way how it works nowadays. Look at Apple sue the shit out of the world for bounce back features when you scroll down. You were able to see that HEX ripped off to much from MTG.

  5. For some reason I am reminded of the copyrighting and suing over the birthday song with this, magics rules are baseline for pretty much any ccg like it so they can sue anyone with a trading card game if this suit goes through. Sounds kind of pathetic and greedy to me in all honesty. Like they haven’t made enough selling rehashes of the pc magic games already.

  6. Fail… HEX actually looked pretty cool, hope wizards lose the case. They need to stop being little bitches, games copy games all the time.

  7. MTG has been around for ages. i dont recall any lawsuits that were out of context. they dont go after small business’s idk where you heard that. thats slander and frankly ridiculous. MTG has been the number one card game for a few decades now. its played professionally all over the world. massive events are held with huge cash prizes. they have an online version of the game as well that isnt doing so hot because most people like to be right in your face talking shit while they beat you down vs online to some random dude. people also like the physical versions of their cards not the digital ones. MTG also has man play options. 2 headed giant,highlander,extended and standard for the fnm kinda guy that can afford to keep his deck updated. (very expensive) some cards for MTG are soo expensive they cost more than a down payment for a house.(were talking the classic old stuff from first edition and all that early stuff). as an MTG fan for yrs i havnt been playing much of it lately wiht all these other games that are coming out. like hearthstone which i happen to like alot. all and all if hex is being sued its for good reason. and the lesson will be learned i garuntee you that. DO NOT MESS WITH MTG! they will not hesitate to come after you -.-

  8. I am divided on guilty or not. On one hand, they just revised the rules, like all trading card games do. So not guilty. Hasbro or Wizards of the coast, since day one have done nothing but keep smaller companies in court until they bankrupt out, dominating the entertainment market. They are troll cry babies. They are mad their online Magic game flopped and want NO ONE to replace them.
    That said, I read the legal documents. Page 7-19 do have side by side comparison of some cards that do indeed seem to be direct clones…
    Wise judge would just say “change the card look, move on.”

    • It’s bullshit, all of their complaints are all very basic mechanics that practically every card game has in them. The vampire one being the dumbest comparison but all of them are pretty poor imo.

      I hope this doesn’t set a precedent otherwise this can be so easily abused by other companies. The first thing I can think of is King and the bullshit he tried to pull with copyrighting “Candy” and bully the developers of The Banner Saga for having Saga in their name…

  9. So…uh first thing’s first, why is Wizards of the Coast infamous? Was there a scandal involved with them and Magic: The Gathering?

      • Games get repeated over and over and over because someone likes the gameplay or character race enough to make their “own” version. I’m glad Wizards is willing to sue if someone copies it. Means less repeated games and more time playing “the original” and I for one like that because I’m old fashioned -shrugs-.

        • altough I don’t entirely disagree with what you just said, that would also stop innovation since only the “original” creators would keep developing the game.


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