Everyone’s having to change their late-year plans in 2020, and game developers are no different. While it’s not quite on par with the delay of Cyberpunk 2077, Yager Development is moving The Cycle‘s Steam launch from its planned late 2020 date to early 2021, while extending the current season with more content to keep fans engaged.

“Season 3.5” will kick off on Dec. 9 — one day before Cyberpunk’s launch, as it turns out — and add 50 more levels to the Fortuna Pass, which includes the usual assortment of new weapon skins, outfits, a vehicle, along with banners and sprays that include special audio effects.

The Steam launch is being delayed so that it “will allow the team the freedom to more capably and comfortably deliver on its ambitions for the game’s future.” Head of Publishing Henning Schmid added that the company “made a conscious decision against an intensive crunch phase in order to compensate for the time deficits caused by the pandemic.”

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