Daily Free Game Season Is Nearly Upon Us At The Epic Games Store

At least, that’s what the rumors are...and they’re probably right.

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Free games... the one reason any of us actually have an Epic Games Store account. Well, that and you do have to have it for Fortnite. But for a lot of us, free games… that’s the reason. As a general rule, Epic rotates out its free games weekly, offering players one or two items to add to their library, but there are special occasions when the store offers players a chance to really load up on the free games. These generally coincide with things like holiday sales. During these periods, diligent players who keep track of the store can walk away with about a dozen or so new games in their library. Whether or not they play them...

So, while there hasn’t been an official announcement, it’s not too hard to believe Dealabs user billbil-kun when they tell people that Epic will once again be running one of these holiday promotions. According to billbil-kun’s post (which will require google translate to read) the current weekly promotion will run until December 1 and includes Star Wars Squadron (which is correct and you can grab it now) and they also speculate that the annual free game days event kicking off sometime after December 15th if it happens.

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