Dark Agartha Launches In Secret World Legends Today

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Today, Secret World Legends players can hop into a new, darker, version of the game's primary hub, Agartha. Promised back when the game was first rebooted, Dark Agartha is the only bit of content on the game's launch roadmap that hadn't made it into game -- until now, that is.

Now, players can finally experience the single-player timed dungeon(?). They don't specifically call it that, but it's what the description reads as.

To enter Dark Agartha, players will need to have reached level 50 -- which should be most everyone by now. Simply head to the Bounty Board in normal Agartha and pick up a mission that will direct you to the right portal. Then be ready to let yourself fall.

When you enter the instance, you'll have 17 minutes to complete the mission, which includes fighting four creatures known as The Wandering Others, and one un-named final person? entity? Something, anyway.

Players will be able to enter Dark Agartha for free the first time, but after that, they'll have to pay up by giving up some of their AP and SP. (The description isn't exactly clear on whether or not this will take away from AP and SP you've already used, but I'm guessing it pulls from whatever you haven't spent.)

Don't worry, you won't be booted immediately just for dying. Everyone gets three attempts before that happens.

The new content will be available today, following the requisite downtime. A short rundown of what you might need to survive Dark Agartha is available on the Secret World Legends site.

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